1:1 Consulting with Masha

Are you ready to make real money as an influencer and create the life you've always wanted?


Do you...

  • Feel like you could be making better money with your influencer business?
  • Think that brands are taking advantage of you and aren't taking you seriously?
  • Feel lost and overhelmed with all of the business and admin stuff?
  • Know that you're undervaluing yourself?  
  • Have a hard time explaining to friends and family what you actually do? 

Are you ready to Invest in yourself and let me help you create the business and the life you deserve?

What to expect:

1. We will have a Free Intro Call to see if this is a good fit. I only work with people who I can truly help!

If you're selected: 

2. We will decide on which coaching schedule works best for you and get started!

Depending on your needs, we will talk about:

Designing Your Ideal Life

  • Helping you find your WHY
  • Guiding you to define your dream reality
  • Helping you implement that new reality 

Making Money

  • Revenue stream audit
  •  Helping you make more money with the current streams
  •  Diversification and exploring new opportunities

Business Structure

  • Strategic business exercises for creators
  • Workflow optimisation
  • Introducting systems and automation into your day to day

Sales and Negotiation

  • Sales and negotiation training
  • Relationship building and professional communication strategies
  • Strategies to expand your business and customer base


90 min 1:1 Deep-dive Session 

Perfect for when you'd like to really dig into a specific topic. Includes a 24-hour window for follow up questions.

2 x 45 min 1:1 Strategy Sessions

Works great if you'd like to have an implementation or homework break in between. Both sessions include a 24-hour window for follow up questions.

Implementation Month

A real implementation deep-dive consisting of 4 weekly 1:1 45 minute sessions, keeping you accountable and helping you work towards your goals. I will address any questions you may have throughout the month.

Investment: $247

Investment: $297

Investment: $497

Meet Masha

Everything throughout my career has been preparing me to help you: 

  • I have built a Successful Influencer Business with Coding Blonde, working with my dream brands like Facebook, Away or Philips
  • I have mentored and coached entrepreneurs as a Global Entrepreneur in Residence as CU Boulder
  • Worked with YouTube Creators as my actual job at Google - helping them with their creative strategies and business growth
  • Explored monetisation strategies and best practices for Creators while working on a new feature at YouTube
  • Have a background in Marketing and Market Research and have worked on the brand side before

I'm a marketer turned influencer and I truly believe that you can make real money while following your passion.

In my blog, Coding Blonde, I talk about technology and women in tech and I get to work with my dream brands. Last year my influencer business made more money than I earned at my day job, so this year I've taken it full time! And I'm about to start travelling the world while doing what I love.

I'm passionate about empowering women and helping them realise their potential. I want to guide you on how you can also make your dream a reality!  

Who can benefit from working with me:

  • Passionate creators who want to earn a sustainable income while doing what they love
  • Creative entrepreneurs who want to go full-time on their blogs
  • Anyone with a message or a mission
  • Badass business owners who want to create systems and design their own lives
  • Women who want to feel fulfilled with their creative lifestyle and career progression
  • Hard workers who are ready to grind and build the business and the life they deserve
  • Creatives who are ready to invest in their future

Who I will not work with:

  • People after get-rich-quick schemes
  • Anyone who isn't ready to do the work
  • Bullies, trolls or content theives

Let me help you build your dream business